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Welcome to Druidawn Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to igniting a passion for writing in even the most reluctant of students. This site is your gateway to the revolutionary concept of RPG Motivational Writing. RPG stands for Role Playing Game. This unique curriculum was first developed in 1990 by Miriam Darnell for her reluctant boy writers as a way to motivate them to get words onto paper through the use of a fantasy role playing game called Druidawn.

Helping students to overcome writing anxiety is our passion, which is one of the reasons this website exists. All students can learn to love writing, regardless of their unique learning styles. We embrace divergence, creative education and the concept of inclusion!

While we believe there is no greater joy than writing your own original stories, we've been teaching long enough to realize that many children don't share this enthusiasm. Many boys especially seem to dislike writing and experience delays in developing the complex set of skills needed in order to master the written word.

We have been teaching creative writing for over 35 years to some of the most reluctant students imaginable. These are children who absolutely hate to write, some even refusing to pick up a pencil. We also teach creative writing to children who love to write and who need help editing their novels and help with publishing.

We offer many techniques that get writers of all ages motivated to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards), including writing clubs, interactive summer camps, and private tutoring services.

Click on the WRITING CLUBS icon on the left side panel for further information on our writing clubs and tutoring services and how to register for our wait list.

Included in this website is information about writing with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and fine motor delays) that hold students back from reaching their highest writing potential, as well as publishing opportunities and advice for young ambitious fiction authors. This site is loaded with writing tips and lesson plans for educators and parents.

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Instead, we will be offering special online writing clubs in the months of June and July in addition to our regular year-round writing clubs. For information about this and our other programs, please email us at: druidawncreations@hotmail.com.

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