Druidawn Summer Fantasy Camp

The camp usually takes place once a year during the summer for four weeks in Boulder, Colorado. For many years we have hosted this camp in a variety of places including schools and churches in Colorado, California, New York, Illinois, and Maryland.

Druidawn Summer Fantasy Camp is a diverse, creative fun and imaginative camp that enables kids to explore their creativity.

The camp consists of a variety of activities including advanced writing techniques and publishing opportunites, writing motivation and overcoming writer's block, the Druidawn role playing game, sword making and action scene demonstrations, live action storytelling outside, fantasy art techniques and LARPing.

Each child will be able to make his or her own sword out of the materials we provide. This fun exercise engages the kids in live action storytelling and various role play activites.

Our Seventeenth Annual Summer Camp is Coming to Boulder in Summer 2017:

Ages: 7 - 16

The New Church of Boulder Valley/Running River School


19th - 23rd June

26th - 30th June

10th - 14th July

17th - 21st July

Cost: $325.00 per child per week.

Please contact camp directors Miriam Darnell and Cara Allen at 720-300-2216 for details, or email us at: druidawncreations@hotmail.com.

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