I Love Teaching Kids to Write Their Own Stories

(Sadly though, it doesn’t pay very well)

When I am helping kids discover the amazing world of fiction writing – helping them journey through the creative writing process – I feel blessed. I feel as though everything in the universe has come together to allow me to do the thing I am most driven to achieve.

  • Watching a child’s chest swell with pride as she reads her first short story out loud in my writing clubs is all the payment I need for doing this.
  • When a particularly well-written and interesting story is created by a child who couldn’t even hold a pencil without a lot of frustration when he or she first came to me, I think to myself that there is no payment in the world that could lure me away from this work.
  • Hearing parents' tear-filled stories about how amazed they are that their children are writing page after page of original content for their Druidawn stories, about how they never thought their son or daughter would EVER learn to write, fills my emotional bank with all the currency it’ll ever need.

Unfortunately, these extremely fulfilling payments don't pay for my mortgage, car, or groceries.

When I decided to make this website, I wanted to live a life where I could receive these emotional payments without worry about where the car payment was coming from. I wanted to live in a world of imagination with my students, to help them create the best stories possible.

Thanks to this website, I am living in the world I’ve always longed for. This is a world where children are writing more stories than I could ever edit, where they are discovering entire universes in their imaginations, where I am guiding young minds to produce quality works of fiction.

My greatest love, and the thing I know best, is writing fiction and teaching creative writing.

I don't know, or care, about how websites, search engines, or browsers work. I don’t know ANYTHING about how to make a webpage, submit it to a search engine, or anything else involving the web. All I know is how to teach kids to learn to write and have fun doing it.

Yet, I built this website…

And, it’s earning money…

  • Enough to allow me to live in the world I choose, to accept all the emotional and spiritually significant payments I get from my students and their parents without worrying about my bills.
  • Enough to give me the freedom to think about new ways to teach kids who have a very rough go of it how to create an interesting character, story or novel.
  • Enough to allow me to expand my writing clubs to include children whose families can’t afford to pay.
  • Enough to allow me to spend all the time I want with my two sons, to help them become good-hearted, happy and fulfilled men (who can write a good story).
  • Enough to allow me time to watch my husband (a scientist) twist and contort his face into confused expressions while he wonders how I am managing to do this, knowing my lack of technical skills (he loves the PayPal statements though).

Thanks to this website, I have created a world better than anything my imagination could ever have come up with.

I DO NOT know how to:

  • Design and create a website from scratch
  • Program HTML
  • Submit to a search engine
  • Generate traffic to my website

I DO know how to:

  • Teach kids to write
  • Run writing clubs
  • Play games
  • Think like a kid
  • Teach kids with learning disabilities
  • Write original fiction
  • Teach kids to read and think critically
  • Recognize an opportunity

I have been able to build a website, with no knowledge of the mechanics involved, based on all the things I do know how to do. I did it without wasting time learning skills I’m not interested in just to get a webpage up.

All I had to bring to the table was my passion for teaching kids and my knowledge of how to do it. The rest was trivial.

This website:

  • Reaches hundreds of visitors per day
  • Is listed in every major search engine, optimized for my subject matter – creative writing
  • Takes care of itself, once the content is written

But most importantly, this website:

Allows me to help people I’ll never meet by giving me a forum to offer my knowledge and experience to a worldwide audience…

…which puts my knowledge to work for me, earning money that keeps me in my own little world.

My husband says that's working smart, not hard (that's such a scientist thing to say).

This is what allowed me to do it (opens a new window)

I wish you nothing but success while building YOUR own little world...

© 2004, Creative-Writing-Solutions.com