Creative Writing FAQs

Here are answers to some of the common questions we receive at Creative Writing Solutions. If this page doesn't answer the specific question you have, please feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between the Legends of Druidawn creative writing game and the Fantastic Fiction creative writing currculum?

Legends of Druidawn was created as a tool to motivate students who hate to write. It uses fantasy role playing to stimulate the imaginations of the students and becomes an excellent source of ideas for them. It is based entirely in the world of Druidawn, a world created solely by students and has proven to be wildly successful at getting kids to write. Students become drawn into the world of Druidawn and write stories based on the adventures they have while role playing. At least that's how it started. Turns out kids of all abilities love to play this game and it really motivates those students who love to write as well.

Fantastic Fiction was designed to be a curriculum for use by teachers or anyone who wants to provide a complete creative writing unit. It gives a roadmap for the teacher to guide his or her students towards producing a quality work of fiction. Teachers are shown how to stimulate ideas, how to get the students to write their first draft, what pitfalls to expect and how to overcome them. Even though there is a dragon on the cover, there is no fantasy component (unless it comes from the students).

Do I need Legends of Druidawn and Fantastic Fiction?

No. Both are independent products. Fantastic Fiction is designed to teach students how to write fiction, Legends of Druidawn is used to give them something to write about.

Many people use Legends of Druidawn as the main activity in a writing club or an extracurricular activity. It is extremely popular with the students and is often used as a reward for doing other homework: "Write 5 pages in your journal and we'll play an hour of Legends..." yaaaaay!!

What's with all the Ebook stuff? Can't I just buy a printed copy?

Miriam and I (I'm Tony, BTW, Miriam's husband) have thought long and hard about this. It is extremely expensive to print things, especially in color, and it is apparent that we won't be able to keep offering printed copies of our products. You can still buy printed copies of everything, except Fantastic Fiction, but we're getting away from it. As soon as the infrastructure is set up for sending Ebooks, we'll have to stop printing, it simply isn't viable economically.

Druidawn Vol 1. was first published as a full-color book using a publish-on-demand company. That turned out to be extremely expensive and it cost us more money than we made to produce it. Same with Legends of Druidawn. We printed everything out on a color laser printer and assembled the game in a binder. Very labor intensive and expensive.

Since color is very important for these products to be appealing to kids - and to look professional - the only real, viable way for a tiny company like us to distribute it, is in electronic form.

Using the Acrobat PDF file format, we are able to keep costs WAY, WAY down and still produce a quality product. PDF files allow for links within the document for easy navigation from one part to another, we can put all the color graphics we want in there, and everyone can read them on their computer for free.

Anyone who buys the Ebook can also print it on their own color printer, or have it done at Kinkos. This gives them the best of both worlds. Kinkos has this cool service that lets you print the document straight to one of their printers. Problem is, it's kinda pricey, about 89 cents a page. Fantastic Fiction is 89 pages and Legends of Druidawn is 118 pages. As you can see, it's cheaper to do it on your own printer if you can, you won't go through a whole cartridge printing these out.

This really is the best way for a tiny group of people like us to distribute our content.

Become one of the thousands of Druidawn fans!

What about the dice in Legends of Druidawn?

When you buy the electronic version of Legends of Druidawn, we'll send you a packet of dice as well as the PDF file on a CDROM.

It's important to understand that Legends of Druidawn is a BIG file, about 35 MB. The filesize is due to all the maps and charts in it. We understand that not everyone has a fast internet connection, so we'll send this out to all purchasers of the game.

The other products are smaller, closer to 5 MB each, so most people can download these with no problems. We will, however, supply anyone who asks with a copy on CDROM for no extra charge.

What exactly is Druidawn Vol. 1?

This is a collection of short stories, written by talented young writers that attended Miriam's writing clubs. The stories were often the result of gaming sessions with Legends of Druidawn or by kids who just wanted to write a Druidawn story. It include artwork done by students as well.

It was designed as a publishing opportunity for kids and has developed quite a fan base. And just recently we have revised Druidawn Volume 1 and re-published it in black and white and full color.

I have a very talented student, can she/he submit a story for the next volume of Druidawn?

Absolutely. Use our Contact page to initiate contact with us. We'll be happy to read the story and see if it will fit.

The deadline for the second volume is nearing. We plan to edit the next volume over the summer, so get your stories in now!

One more thing, it goes without saying that the story will need to be about Druidawn. This means you'll need a certain familiarity with the world, and the best way to get that is by reading Volume 1.

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