Creative Writing Worksheets

Below you'll find some creative writing worksheets available for you to download. They are similar to the ones utilized in Legends of Druidawn. These worksheets are great tools to get students started on a story of their own. The process of filling in the forms helps organize their thoughts and kick-starts the creative writing process. These creative writing worksheets have been enormously popular with students and are extremely effective ways to get a student started on creating a universe all their own. These worksheets also make great writing assignments in class.

Creative Writing Worksheets

Character Sheet This is a great place to start. Create any character in your story using this sheet. Here, you can 'flesh out' all the details of your characters.

Creature Sheet Need to have a monster in your story, or maybe a demon? Use this sheet to design it.

New Race Sheet Use this sheet to create a race of people unique to your universe.

Magical Item Sheet Have a great idea for a magical item in your universe? This sheet will help you sort out all the details so that it becomes an integral part of your story.

New Land Sheet This worksheet will help you design an new continent, planet or island. Helps you sort out the details of climate, geography and location.

Character Pet Sheet Do any of your characters have a pet that is important to them? Well, here you can develop it in detail.

Vehicle Sheet Have a great idea for a new spaceship or futuristic vehicle? Use this sheet to keep track of the particulars.

Building sheet This worksheet will help you design a building if it has an important role in your story.

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