Young Authors Make Their Fantasies
Come True


Druidawn Volume One

Thanks to the constant contributions of our students and staff, Druidawn is an ever growing and changing world of original fantasy concepts. You can read the exciting stories written by our students in the Druidawn Anthologies Volume I, II and III, and the detailed appendix.

Druidawn Volume IV and the World of Druidawn Compendium are both coming soon!

WARNING: This book can be very addicting! You may find yourself wanting to write your own stories about this mystical world!

What is Druidawn?

Druidawn Volume One is our first anthology of short stories that take place in a distant mystical world where fantasy reigns above and science fiction reigns below. Here magic roams untamed, battles for power are waged, and Earthlings must remain in hiding, for humans are strictly forbidden. This edgy anthology showcases brilliant stories and art by teens for the enjoyment of young adult readers, all of which occur on a planet that acts as a sort of fantasy preserve. Featuring a myriad of fascinating characters, plenty of action, romance, humor, and visionary new ideas, Druidawn is first-rate fantasy literature.


Most of the Druidawn authors meet and collaborate regularly in a writing club directed by editor Miriam Darnell and Cara Allen, in Boulder, Colorado, at Mackintosh Academy. This once private project has escalated in popularity among fans over the past ten years, and is now available for all to experience. This collaboration is now being expanded to include online contributors.

Druidawn is a uniquely interactive medium where the readers become the writers and the opportunities for fresh talent abound.

More Information on Druidawn

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Submission Guidelines Information on how to submit your story to the editors of Druidawn.

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