How to Write a Decent Research Paper

by Shannon Crose

When I think back to those years I spent in middle school and college, there are still two words capable of unleashing nightmares; Research Paper.

Though in our modern age, writing a research paper has certain advantages, it is no less daunting now than it was decades ago. The sheer scope of topics to write about is overwhelming, as are the numerous sources of information. Add the internet to the traditional books, periodicals, and magazines, and you've got all the makings for a huge migraine. And this is all before you even start the actual writing and formatting. Despite all this, don't throw your hands up in frustration and swear never to write another research paper again. Believe me when I tell you that the skills learned from writing technical and research papers will be called on long after you leave school. Though it's been years since I've written a research paper, I myself use the skills I've learned in research to write articles, essays, and even fiction work.

So, without anymore whining, pleading, or rants about how unjust your English teacher is, let's go over a few basic steps for writing a research paper.

While these steps are presented in sequential order, anyone who has ever tried to write a research paper knows that the process doesn't always move from point A to point B. This is just a basic outline to help you organize your thoughts and ideas.

Steps to Writing a Research Paper

Step One: Select a Research Paper Topic
Step Two: Getting Your Answers
Step Three: Let the Writing Begin

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