Online Wrtiting and Tutoring Services

Druidawn Creations is currently directing many creative writing and gaming clubs online, with students all over the United States and England. Online writing/gaming clubs are conducted through Skype video conferencing, and offer a convenient way for students to receive our services in their own homes no matter where they live!

Typically, students meet at the home of a host family at a designated time, and we contact the students via Skype to run the sessions. Sessions are generally 90 minutes in length, and include share time, writing curriculum, writing activities, and gaming sessions.

Cost is $18.00 per session per student for weekly and bi-weekly sessions. Payments are generally made for quarterly in advance via PayPal or personal check through the mail.

Contact us to see if there is already a club in your area that your child could join. If there isn't one, you can be the host of your own club, as long as you have at least 3 students to start with. Maximum number of students in an online club is 8.

Let us know if you have other questions. We look forward to meeting you online in the future!

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