Creative Writing Clubs and Tutoring Services

We host dozens of Druidawn-based writing clubs during the school year at all hours of the day. Some of our Druidawn Creative Writing Clubs meet in person at schools in the Colorado Front Range Area. But the majority of our groups are held online, using Skype video conferencing, and have attendees from all over the world. We cater to ages 7-15 in our clubs, and we tend to have the same number of boys as girls.

We also offer private mentoring and tutoring services during the school year, as well as Druidawn Summer Fantasy Camp in June and July.

The service listed below is the focus of our curriculum in our writing clubs, and in our summer camps, but it can also be administered in private sessions with students requiring tutoring.

The Druidawn system is designed to motivate students to write creatively and to quickly develop a love of writing, even in the most reluctant of students.

We use a fiction content-based curriculum that focuses solely on writing technique, rather than mechanics such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Our job is to make writing itself an act of joy. It is by creating a passion for putting words onto paper first that we can then open an avenue toward improving overall writing performance (even mechanics, with some individual editing help).

The first half of every writing club session (or tutoring session) is dedicated to Share Time, when students can share what they have written outside of club time and get some feedback from the teachers as well as the other students. This is the most learning-rich part of our club time because we use feedback as an opportunity to teach such concepts as character development, plot development, pacing, descriptions, settings, original language, show vs. tell, dialogue, metaphor, etc.

The second half of our session is dedicated to playing a role playing game called Legends of Druidawn, which takes the characters that our students have created on paper and puts them into action in an imaginary fantasy plot. The game utilizes dice, maps, character sheets, and verbal interactive story-telling in order to excite the writing process. Students create characters that we put into play in plots that combine pre-designed storylines with many improvised elements that spring spontaneously from the student-teacher interactions. Characters level-up, i.e. become more powerful, acquire magical items and can purchase weapons, pets, clothing, etc. in the Druidawn Store, based on the number of words that they write in their chosen fiction stories. As they level up, their characters can accomplish more in the game, and it is this imaginary play time that is the greatest motivator in getting our students to write. Druidawn also encourages team-work, critical thinking skills, social skills, writing analysis, and teaches the essential elements of good storytelling. It appeals to most students who have good imaginations, and is especially motivating to those who struggle with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD, and Asperger Syndrome, or who are gifted young writers who need lots of stimulation as well as feedback on their writing and publishing opportunities.


Students are encouraged to work on revision and editing at home with the help of a parent, or to hire our editing services separately. We offer private editing and revision tutoring services at reasonable rates when available! We also offer technical writing tutoring (for essays, research, and response to literature papers). See below for our rates for these additional services.

It takes three students minimum to have an online writing club. Club meeting times are shorter for fewer kids. The meeting time for three students is 75 minutes. For four or more students, 90 minutes. Therefore, if you lose a member of your four-student writing club, your club sessions will be reduced in time by 15 minutes. If you have a writing club of three members and you lose a child, the two remaining families must split the payment for the missing member in order to continue the club until they get a third member to join the club.

We do not require long term commitment to our services. You can join or exit writing clubs or tutoring at any time, but refunds are only given if we receive advanced communication of departure. For writing clubs, any advanced tuition that you paid for the next unused month will be refunded to you if you drop out mid-quarter. For private tutoring, all advanced payments as of the following week after your departure will be refunded. If you join a writing club late in a quarter, your tuition will be pro-rated.

Enrolling your child in a Druidawn writing club is akin to enrolling him/her in any enrichment class or activity such as martial arts, sports, or scouts. There are no refunds or reschedulings for sessions your child misses due to illness, scheduling conflicts, or other complications. If our staff has to cancel a session due to the weather or teacher-related issues, you will be notified of your refund, rescheduling, or credit-forward options.

Please note that our schedules are extremely full now! Most new-comers will be put on a wait list for the next available opening. Openings will increase as we hire new staff, but this is a slow process, so please be patient with us! We are not scheduling any new “live” (in person) clubs at this time.


Writing club payments are due before the first day of the new quarter! There are three quarters in a school year: FALL: September-November, WINTER: December-February, SPRING: March-May. Due to summer camps, we don’t offer writing clubs or tutoring in the summer months.

Weekly Writing Club Cost: $198.00 ($208.00 if using PayPal) per quarter, which covers 11 classes at $18.00 per session.

Bi-Monthly Writing Club Cost: $108.00 ($118.00 if using PayPal) per quarter, which covers 6 classes at $18.00 per session.

For Private Tutoring:

1 Child = $30.00-$45.00 per 45 minute session, depending on the instructor.  Half hour and full hour sessions also available upon request.

2 Children = $50.00-$60.00 per one-hour session, depending on the instructor. Minimum time is one hour.

Payment for four sessions is expected in advance on all tutoring services. There are no refunds for no-shows, so make sure you let us know in advance if your child will be missing a session! With proper notice, a missed private tutoring session can be rescheduled at no charge.

NOTE: There is an additional one-time workbook fee for all students using the Druidawn system: $20.00. Please include this fee with your first payment unless your child already has a copy of the new Legends of Druidawn Gamers Manual with the silver cover. 


You can schedule an individual student or a writing club of your own (3-5 students) with us. If you have an individual student, we will do our best to find the right placement for him/her in a writing club or other service that best suits their needs.

First, send us an inquiry email! Make sure to include the following information:

Name of your child

Age and gender of your child

Where you live (state and time zone are the most important things)

Child’s school (home schooled is fine)

A short description of your child’s writing ability, general attitude toward writing, any known disabilities (including behavior issues), and personal interests. We particularly need to know what your child likes to do in his/her free time and whether or not he/she has a good imagination!

Be as flexible as possible and list the days and times that your child would be available to participate in a writing club. Specify your time zone!

Send your email to:

You'll hear back from us within seven days. Thanks so much for your interest in our creative writing services!

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